5 Tips to Get Started on Your Wellness Journey

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It can seem daunting to want to start to improve your health. There is SO much out there and so many different opinions and advice. My biggest and best advice to you is just to start. Pick one area of your life to make improvements and take one small step. It doesn’t need to be one big drastic overhaul. In fact, trying to change too much at once can backfire… it can become difficult and hard to stick to. Where on the other hand, if you take small, gradual steps, you will be creating new habits and can continue to build on them. Check out the five wellness tips below to help you get started on your wellness journey. Start with one and learn to create sustainable habits with it. Then, add another wellness tip to continue to build a healthy lifestyle.

These are habits that I focus on with my clients, they will build a strong foundation! You can learn more about working together here.

Graphic of five wellness tips from a holistic nutritionist

You can download a detailed PDF version below!

Wellness Tips from a Holistic Nutritionist

Below are my top five wellness tips that will help improve your health.

1: Eat your breakfast

Set yourself up for the day with a hearty breakfast. Prioritize eating a protein that will help keep you full. Studies show eating breakfast can improve your mood and keep you focused.

2. Drink more water

Hydration is key for our bodies to thrive! Some tips to drink more water are to carry a water bottle with you, add in citrus, herbs, and cucumber for flavor, and drink a glass of water before your morning coffee.

3. Go for a walk

Moving your body has so many benefits, and getting out in the fresh air for a walk is a double win! Start off with a small, obtainable goal, such as a 10-minute walk each day.

4. Eat an extra veggie

Veggies are full of amazing vitamins and minerals your body needs. Think of a way to add in an extra veggie each day or try something new!

5. Create good sleep habits

Try to get a full 8 hours of sleep. Go to bed earlier and cut out blue light before going to sleep. Put your phone on Do Not Disturb to cut out distractions.

If you feel ready to dive in deeper and get a personalized wellness plan, book a free discovery call to learn more about working together.

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