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Feel empowered to find a place of true nourishment to live a full, vibrant life

I believe that food is not the enemy, unlike what society leads us to believe. I believe that food should be delicious and nourishing. And most importantly of all, you should have joy in cooking and eating!

Nourishment is a powerful way to connect with our bodies. We can show ourselves love and kindness and heal our relationship with food. It should not feel restrictive. And we don’t have to eat boring food! The food on our plates should be vibrant and beautiful. It should be just as flavorful as it is nutritious.

eat real food

i believe in eating real, whole foods that are minimally processed. God has already created the perfect foods for us to eat. we were not designed to eat what is man-made in a lab.

love your body well

your body is a temple, and i believe we need to treat her as such. your body should be shown love through the words you speak and how you care for her.

find true nourishment

finding this place should be sustainable and unique to you. there are no quick fixes, or dieting here. instead, you will be deeply rooted in nourishment and live a full, vibrant life.

I work with women who…

struggle to feel at home in their bodies.

do not want to feel restricted around food.

want to learn to love food and cooking.

struggle with body insecurities.

overwhelmed with all of the opinions in the wellness world.

want to feel strong and healthy.

crave nourishment but do not know where to start.

want to live a healthy lifestyle.

Let’s work together

to reclaim your peace and feel nourished.

With my 1:1 sessions, I work with you to learn to love food without feeling restricted. We focus on nourishment, NOT dieting. I will teach you to focus on real, whole foods that help you feel your best.

I work virtually with clients which gives me the opportunity to work with women all over the US! Please refer to this link to see which states I work 1:1 with clients.

one time payment

Single Session

  • Only one session & does not include handouts
  • a great option for someone who is curious about working with a nutritionist but doesn’t have the time commitment
  • 55-minute session to get individualized nutrition advice/guidance
  • Common topics include how to add healthy foods to your lifestyle, meal planning guidance, and grocery shopping support
  • This is for you if you want to walk away feeling like you have new tools for healthy eating/lifestyle.
x2 payments- $750 total

8-week Package

  • 8 weekly 55-minute sessions and includes handouts and between session support
  • With the package, we will be able to do a deep dive into your health, habits, and set goals.
  • We will do a detailed wellness assessment that will include food, sleep, hydration, exercise, stress levels, and more
  • You will learn how to focus on real food and cut out the noise from diet culture.
  • This is for you if you want to walk away feeling deeply nourished and equipped for a lasting healthy lifestyle.

1:1 package includes:

  • An in-depth intake with goal-setting
  • 8 weekly 55-minute sessions via Zoom
  • Exclusive resources and handouts
  • Daily support through messaging

The total invested is $750 broken into 2 monthly payments of $375.


8 Weeks


$375 x2

Areas we focus in

With the 8-week package, we will have the time to really dig deep into multiple areas of your life.

At the beginning of the 8-week package, we will really dig into your goals and come up with a plan of action to get you there. Your goals will help set the track for us and show us what to focus on first.

With the 8-week package I offer we will do a deep dive into your habits and mindset and discover if there are any limiting beliefs or habits holding you back from your goals.

The grocery store can be an overwhelming place, but I will equip you with all my tips and tricks to help you feel confident filling your kitchen with nourishing foods. You will also receive handouts and guides to help you become a grocery shopping master!

One of my biggest goals as your Nutritionist is to show you that healthy cooking isn’t bland or boring, and it also doesn’t need to be complicated! You will learn to cook with real food ingredients and my hope is that you will find joy in it too.

Meal prepping and planning will be a huge part of your success! I will teach you how to meal plan and prep in a sustainable way that will actually work into your lifestyle.

We don’t just talk about food and eating! We also talk about your stress levels, hydration, sleep, alcohol consumption, movement, and non-toxic living. They are all a part of a holistic healthy lifestyle!

Ready to make the change?

Let’s work together!

Book a free 15-minute discovery call if you are ready to find true nourishment and life a full, vibrant life.

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