Let’s work together

Learn to thrive through nourishment

Around here there are no quick fixes or magic pills.

Just true nourishment
I’ve been there

I was stuck on the diet train where I restricted foods and struggled with my sweet tooth. I felt insecure in my body and exhausted from trying all the things. I looked for all the quick fixes but quickly learned it would never be sustainable and I would always be chasing after the new diet fad.

That’s when I learned to adopt a holistic lifestyle and focus on nourishment, not dieting. I learned to focus on how I felt instead of the number on the scale.

Now I lead other women to ditch dieting and teach them lasting habits that will actually stick and how to truly nourish their body.

eat real food

i believe in eating real, whole foods that are minimally processed. God has already created the perfect foods for us to eat. we were not designed to eat what is man-made in a lab.

love your body well

your body is a temple, and i believe we need to treat her as such. your body should be shown love through the words you speak and how you care for her. (see more here.)

find true nourishment

finding this place should be sustainable and unique to you. there are no quick fixes, or dieting here. instead, you will be deeply rooted in nourishment and live a full, vibrant life.

Let’s work together

With my 1:1 sessions, we work together to help you ditch dieting and eat real foods that actually make you thrive!

Book a free 15-minute discovery call to learn more about working together and the nutrition services I offer.

I work virtually with clients which gives me the opportunity to work with women all over the US! Please refer to this link to see which states I work 1:1 with clients.

Single Session

  • 55-minute 1:1 session via zoom
  • This session is dedicated to whatever topic you want to discuss
  • Common topics include what foods to eat to improve your wellness, how to make real food nourishment sustainable for you, specific recommendations for your unique LIFESTYLE, & more!
  • after our session I will send you a written Mini-guide with personal RECOMMENDATIONS
  • This is for you if you want to walk away feeling like you have new tools for eating real food.

Nourished Package

  • 8 weekly 55-minute sessions via zoom with IN-BETWEEN session support
  • personalized GUIDANCE on how to INCORPORATE real food nourishment
  • detailed intake form to take a holistic approach TO your wellness
  • support to learn to ditch dieting and improve your health and wellness
  • This is for you if you want to walk away feeling deeply nourished and equipped for a lasting healthy lifestyle.

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