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Nourished Society is an online community of women who ditch dieting and learn to thrive! It is an online platform with space for discussions and weekly coaching calls with a focus on honoring your body through nourishment and improving body image. Think of it as a combination of group health coaching and an online community. It’s a place to create a sisterhood and build each other up while learning to ditch dieting for good!

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Nourished Society

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Here is what we cover…


Topics that are covered in the Nourished Society include nourishment, ditching diets, body image, clean living, and many other holistic health and wellness topics!

Weekly Coaching Calls

Each week there will be a coaching call (attend live or catch the replay) on various topics!


Nourished Society is designed to create a community with other like-minded women! You can comment on posts, as well as start your own discussions.

This is for you if…

  • You want to ditch dieting and learn to thrive
  • You want to learn to honor your body through nourishment
  • You want to improve your body image
  • You want to be surrounded by other like-minded women
  • You want to learn from a Holistic Nutritionist

Topics that are covered…

  • How to honor your body through nourishment
  • Foods to eat to help your body thrive
  • How to break up with dieting
  • How to improve your body image
  • Natural living tips and tricks
  • Plus other health + wellness topics!

What’s included…

  • An online community platform for discussions
  • Weekly virtual coaching calls on different topics (join live or watch the replay)
  • Exclusive discounts on 1:1 nutrition services
  • Access to a holistic nutritionist in a group setting
  • A supportive and loving environment
  • A library of virtual resources and content

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$49 $24.50 per month!

Now through 11/27/23 receive 50% off the monthly subscription! (For the lifetime of your membership!)

Yes! There are no contracts. You can be a member for as long as you’d like and cancel at any time.

Nourished Society is on an online platform called Circle. It is kind of like a Facebook group but even better! It even has its own app so you can access the Nourished Society quickly and easily. This is one of the things I love about Circle- it is not on social media and it won’t get lost with the algorithm 🙂

Each week we will meet on Zoom for our weekly coaching call. Additionally, Nourished Society is designed to host discussions and conversations! There are different topics within the Nourished Society, but you are also free to post any wellness topic or question you would like! Think of it as the same as a Facebook group where you can post something, and also comment/like on other posts. Everything is organized under different topics so it is easy to find and engage!

All calls are recorded, so even if you can’t make it live, you can catch the replay! All calls are saved within Nourished Society too, so you can go back through the library and watch any you missed, or watch any older content when you were not a member at the time.